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Nov 1, 2013 5:30pm EDT
( theme music playing ) - you leaving? - things to do. - surprised you've got any energy left. - ( laughs ) i'll be back as soon as i can. what do i do for breakfast? you just wait for me to indulge you. come on t, how much is this gonna cost me? - just chill, man. - me and sasha have been saving to buy a house. - this is gonna trash my deposit. - adi, relax... - we can sort this, yeah? - i wanna know every detail. how much you stung him for, who else is involved, everything! it's just me. are you sure? yeah. right. - ( knocks ) - come in. - you wanted to see me? - yeah. um...i want you to work out what the ferreiras owe me, - for using my cars as taxis. - will do. to the penny, billy. can i trust you to do that? - i meant what i said. - good. i won't let you down again. jake, do you want blinis or tapas? - what? - for tonight. - you're splashing out. - i know how important this is to you. i thought champagne... just for the toast. that should please the birthday girl, right? yeah, hope so. um, tell you what... - i might just pop round and see what she prefers. - right. you're
Oct 31, 2013 9:00am EDT
/tothecontrary. - bob scully's world show is brought to you by smi-enerpro. the solution in energy optimization. and by... ...domaine pinnacle ice apple wine. winter's gold. ♪ - hi, this is bob scully, and welcome to another edition of the world show: entrepreneurs/ the dobson series. entrepreneurship, we like to say on this show, is democracy in the economy, and it's true. while the entrepreneur is building something for himself or herself, for the family, they are also doing good, because they are helping the economy grow, they're creating jobs, they're putting down roots in the community. all those things are worthwhile and worth doing. but occasionally it happens that an entrepreneur does further good - really specifically gets to help people in trouble, and does it selflessly, way beyond what the call of his business might require, someone who is on 24/7 with an ear always cocked, even in the middle of the night, in case a call comes through, because he is faced with tragedy at close quarters almost every day. the entrepreneur you're about to meet, gary burke, runs a company
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2